List of Top 5 Best Gaming Accessories gaming monitor Buying Guide

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<ul><li>"21.5 inch LED Monitor TN Display. Viewing Angle 90°(H),65°(V)</li><li> HDMI & VGA Ports with Cable</li><li> 200 Nits Brightness -16.7 million colors</li><li> 5ms Response time</li><li> VESA Wall mount Ready</li><li> Full HD 1920 x 1080 @60Hz</li><li> Country of Origin: China</li></ul>

The best gaming monitor

Acer Nitro VG240YS 23.8 inch FHD 1920 X 1080 Resolution Gaming Monitor (IPS Panel, FreeSync, 165Hz, 0.5 MS, DP, 2 x HDMI, Black) Stereo Speakers

Rs. 13,740  in stock
as of January 5, 2023 9:18 pm

  • Full HD: The Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) ensures a sharp and smooth gameplay experience, even at the highest settings
  • 165 Hz refresh rate: The incredible 165 Hz refresh rate means that even when the action heats up, your gameplay will be smooth and lag-free
  • ...

LG Full HD 55 cm (22 inches) Gaming Monitor - 1ms, 75Hz, Full HD, AMD Freesync, VA Panel Monitor, HDMI & VGA Port - 22MK400H (Black)

Rs. 9,999  in stock
as of January 5, 2023 9:18 pm

  • 21.5" Full HD (1920 x 1080) TN Panel with Anti Glare Screen
  • Gaming Features: 1ms Response Time, 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • Gaming Feature: Black Stablizer, Dynamic Action Sync, Crosshair
  • Radeon Freesync for smooth Gaming action
  • Connectivity: HDMI, D-Sub,...

Acer Aopen Full HD Resolution Backlit LED LCD Monitor - 200nits Brightness -HDMI and VGA Port - 22CH1Q -Black, 21.5 Inch, 1920 x 1080 Pixels

Rs. 6,995  in stock
as of January 5, 2023 9:18 pm

  • "21.5 inch LED Monitor TN Display. Viewing Angle 90°(H),65°(V)
  • HDMI & VGA Ports with Cable
  • 200 Nits Brightness -16.7 million colors
  • 5ms Response time
  • VESA Wall mount Ready
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 @60Hz
  • Country of Origin: China

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List of Top 5 Best Gaming Accessories gaming monitor Buying Guide
List of Top 5 Best Gaming Accessories gaming monitor Buying Guide
Rs. 6,995

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  1. Product discription is missleading. Its not a LED monitor. clear a cheap quality LCD. piture quality is too poor. Veiwing angle is not good as its cheap LCD. Seller / Amazon kept the item discription smartly to misslead the customers. They make the policy hard to contact them. Unable to detacjlt HDMI port. Not able to use as extended display.Instead of take a quick action they inveatigate the issue they are misleading the customer. Should mention clear product discrpition. product is not worth more the 2k, years back technology. smartly kept mrp and give discount to people. After they make the policy such that you have to take hell lot to contact them and return for refund. This is totally misleading the indian consumers who may not know much about the product technical details.

  2. Please do not order this product as it is an LCD not an LED. I had a talk with the customer service team also and they asked me to return this product. This review I am putting just to make you aware that DO Not Buy this product as the description is misleading.

  3. I am giving my review after 1 year of use.Pros:-1. superb picture quality2. Wide screen which feels premium one3. Affordable at this price range ( I bought this for ₹5,000 during offer period )4. Comes with HDMI port5. Blue light filter6. Wall mountableCons :-1. Poor Viewing angle not suitable for people who searching for an TV like Monitor. But if you want are in search for productivity. It’s the best.2. Little bit cheaper because of plastic build.3. I think this pc is not suitable for office works because the back side of the monitor is worst you can go for DellBut if you are a student and searching for only productive work monitor. I swore this is the best one.Thanks for reading 🤠🤠🤠

  4. Picture clarity is good, but viewing angle is horrible. No speaker available in this monitor.Pros. Full hd, hdmi, 1ms response, 75hrz, game sync technology.Cons. Viewing angle, built quality, LG brand.

  5. Review on the day of delivery:-1. Good packaging (including power cable and HDMI cable)2. Easy to install3. Awesome picture quality4. Very big and bright screen.5. Awesome controller (joy stick)Working very fine but only thing is viewing angle that I can’t complaint on it knowing it’s a TN panel monitorRecommend:- The cheapest gaming monitor in this price range.Note:- Don’t buy this monitor if u need good viewing angles or if it’s price goes above 7k better to go with IPS then.

  6. Had some great expectations .1.Was aware of the fact that it’s a TN panel monitor. Viewing angles are poor , but when seeing the monitor straight on , it’s nice to use.2. It’s having few modes like gaming mode , reading mode and manual RGB filtering. These are just some brightness changes as far as I’ve seen.3. It’s good for viewing content or office purpose. Does not satisfy it’s gaming monito tag.Get this monitor if you’re in a budget or if you’re looking to get a display for your second pc. Else stay away.

  7. Model VG240YS – 144/165hz (OC), 0.1 MS VRB, Native 2MS (Mentioned). Comes with Display Port Cable. And also got Speakers. Got two slots of HDMI 2.0 and With headphone jack.Upgraded from Zeb 15.6 to this Acer24 inch Monitor – Huge Difference.I do 3d Works, Graphic design, and long hours of Gaming. So I went for this model.Got a fresh product. No defects so far. No IPS-Glow / Bleeding effect. No dead pixels.This IPS display is Perfect with Great vibrant colors and Crisp Display. Fonts are sharp. Nice contrast. A lot of Brightness. 10-Bit color can be enabled through Nvidia control panel – Resolution settings (Below)With DP cable – 165,144 Hz is working fine. It also supports HDR same time. Freesync working with G Sync.HDR is Entry level. In HDR mode colors are good. But white exposure is over a bit. And cant change the Gamma, Brightness, Contrast with HDR mode. In Windows display setting – Windows HD color gives a slider to adjust HDR-SDR level, it helps.For Casual Gaming – Overdrive normal with Freesync is working fine with 144/165hz. The colors are so good and So smooth response. No visible ghosting or trails.For Competitive Gaming – VRB is awesome. Ultra fast response. I tried with Extreme. With extreme VRB – the brightness goes down, not that much still colors are enough. And it turns OFF freesync. Even though it turned OFF no tears visible. This is much like a side effect with IPS I think. But it is manageable.Acer widget software allows us to tweak settings without monitor inputs. But the monitor joystick is nice to use.With 15K we are getting a lot these things with an IPS panel. So can easily go for it. 👌😊Update : 20.06.2022 .. Still working good no issues.

  8. 165Hz as promised, worked with an old HDMI cable, my laptop has a modest Gtx 1650. (Comes with a DP cable no HDMI in the box). I’ve kept the OSD counter ON from the Monitor; both Windows and Nvidia control panel concurred that’s its indeed at 165Hz. It was 144Hz by default on Windows 10 with an option to bump it upto 165, which I did. Unless you sit in a very brightly lit room or have sunshine on your desk, the brightness is very good!. I use it at only 30% since I’m a vampire when it comes to ambient light. The delivery took a good 3 and a Half days to deliver to the centre of Mumbai (geographical centre) which could’ve been faster but it was packed and handled well. Bought it for FPS games (currently hooked on Valorant which isnt very demanding) and it works perfectly with a modest Gtx 1650, i5 9th Gen and 8GB RAM. I’ve put no caps on the framerate so my modest machine is pushing it to a good 180 odd Frames/sec on Medium settings at 1080p (I dont like playing on low players eyebrows disappear 😀 so lame). Wont comment on colour accuracy since I’m not in that field but its definitely better than the IPS display built into my Laptop. A height adjustment would be too much to ask for at this price point of 17k in the last week on September, 2020, its unavailable now so I may have bought the last one in stock.

  9. **I had BLUE LIGHT FILTER turned on when i clicked the images so it may have a little yellowish tinge**I’m an ordinary middleclass boy who reads lot of reviews and does extensive research online before buying because i’m too scared to buy anything online due to floating reviews everywhere so kindly read the full unbiased review. Fantastic gaming monitor under 20k…TRUE IPS DISPLAY…I had 27inch Benq TN Panel(BenQ Zowie RL2755 ) which also costs around 14k and i have also used Acer KG271C 144HZ TN Panel(which i have returned on amazon)…but this acer blows it away in terms of picture quality…i bought it for competitive gaming but i was shocked to see the picture quality…i started to newly discover both single player and multiplayer games…brightness color contrast and everything else is outstanding….i had to lower brightness to 30 per cent to make it suitable…very good for video editing and watching movies also. People will say that IPS HAS BETTER VIEWING ANGLES BUT ITS NOT COMPLETELY TRUE, I DID DUAL AND TRIPLE MOITOR SETUP And ALSO TESTED WITH SINGLE SETUP and ALL THE THREE PERSONALLY BECAUSE I HAVE RTX 2060 AND COMPARED IT WITH MY TN PANELS (SIDE BY SIDE VIEWING FROM NORMAL SITTING DISTANCE) .THIS MONITOR BLOWS AWAY THE OTHER TWO MONITORS COMPLETELY ITS NO CONTEST AT ALL….VIEWING ANGLES ARE TOO BAD ON TN BUT EVEN ON NORMAL VIEWING THE IPS PROVIDES MUCH MORE…I WOULD SAY A LOT MORE COLOUR ACCURACY DEPTH, CONTRAST AND BRIGHTNESS THAN TN.I play Valorant and the performance it provides is outstanding…i upgraded from 60 to 165…i would like to describe it has BUTTERY SMOOTH PERFORMANCE no lags at all…only flick and one tap head now !! I was stuck on Iron 3 – Bronze 2 but now I’m Gold 1.My gaming settings – OVERDRIVE – normal, FREESYNC – off coz i have RTX 2060 gpu, VRB – normal. The brightness is too high so after enabling vrb to normal there is only 1% drop on brightness only…don’t trust other stupid reviews which say screen becomes very dim. Even with vrb on the brightness can hurt your eyes so i set brightness to 30% only.Speakers are nothing special and I don’t even care because I have headphones and speakers already.Stand is very good and sturdy and keeps the monitor steady even if your table shakes a little bit.Built quality is surprisingly very good…almost as good as my Benq Monitor which is quite expensive.(Benq monitors gaming/normal are actually slightly more expensive than other brands).I bought from seller XTRONICSAPP for 14k on Republic Day sale and got 1 day delivery so i absolutely recommend this seller…the first piece which i got had some issues with the stand(it was too stiff) and slight back light bleed on the bottom side of the left side….but it was not absolutely horrible or unbearable, a minor glow….it was absolutely fine when being used for gaming and other purposes but somehow the back light bleed started to bother me …every time i turned on the monitor i could see a certain place glowing excessively with a white light type effect and it appeared as if its spreading over and becoming more prominent so i asked for replacement as i had used it for only 1 day…got next day delivery and replacement immediately on the next day. I have shared the backlight bleed issue with some of my friends, some said it was very minor and they wont’t have oped for replacement but some said to replace and get a new coz the bleeding could spread as its a defective panel after all…more or less.New piece which i received is working perfectly fine…not a single issue and i’m absolutely loving this monitor. I have done UFO Test – framerate, ghosting, refresh rate(all the other ufo tests) and dead pixel test and it passed all of them…If u r buying monitor online from Amazon then u can absolutely trust seller XTRONICSAPP. He will provide high quality and new sealed product…and will provide quick replacement incase anything goes wrong. Cheers

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